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The Plondex Time Management Software is the most sophisticated tracking software on the market. Plondex tracks your employees’ shifts, you save your business money.

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Stay in control with Plondex.

Our GPS capabilities help employees stay accountable for their hours worked.

  • Real-time GPS tracking improves coordination and efficiency.
  • Employers can only access GPS data when employees are on the clock.
  • Employers can enable only certain locations for clock-in with GEOFence.
  • If an employee leaves the GEOFence, Plondex automatically clocks out.
  • GPS tracking and Geofencing won’t drain smartphone data or battery life
  • Real-time reporting for on-the-clock employees and their locations
  • Plondex abides by DCAA and DOL compliance standards

Plondex validates BOTH state and federal law to make sure your business and employees are protected.

  • State and Federal compliance laws are implemented in our software to prevent any legal issues
  • Employees and managers receive notification if minor is nearing the end of limited work time
  • Upload and securely store employee file for easy access

Plondex Kiosk works on computers, tablets or smartphones with an internet connection. Employees can clock in and out from the same device or location.

  • Employees use their own password to clock-in and -out
  • Photo Capture and biometric facial recognition* helps eliminate buddy punching
  • No additional hardware or setup required

Leave nothing to chance. Set up notifications for all your employees and managers for real-time alerts.

  • Customize alerts for employee and/or managers
  • Automate alerts for managers and employees to clock-in/-out
  • Alerts flag if employees leave the GEOFence while on the clock

Automate time management,
streamline payroll, and save MONEY.
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per active user, per month
+ $19.95 base fee per month

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Does Plondex track your location?
Plondex records an employee’s location while the employee is only on-the-clock—and only if you set it to do so. This is fully customizable. Employers will NOT receive location after the employee clocks out.
Do employees get clocked out automatically if they leave a GEOfence?
Yes, if you choose the setting to do so. It is customizable per employee or position.
Does Plondex clock out minors if they reach their work limit?
This feature is also fully customizable. You can set it to send out notifications to your managers and minor employees that they are nearing their limits. You can also auto clock them out if needed. From there, both the employee and manager will receive a notification, simultaneously.

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