About Us

With ambitions of becoming the pioneers of business-solution software, Plondex wanted to create software with your company in mind—your values, needs, and vision.

We wanted to trail-blaze the way with a seamlessly engineered program that can take your management approach to the next level.

With a blueprint for innovative software in hand and a fool-proof concept in mind, we embarked on this venture.

Through hard work and dedication, a powerful complex tool with user-friendly background compatibility began to emerge—and Plondex became a reality.

Innovational Management

After its foundation, we began talking with business owners like you who requested technological innovations to be integrated within the software (things like geofencing, employee mapping). These innovations were designed to help you manage as smoothly as possible.

Our software then evolved to become the reliable tool—capable of dynamically adjusting to changes in labor regulations—that we know today.

At Plondex, we believe managing a team is an important role in any business—and we know how complicated it can be—which is why we’ve developed this silent workhorse to carry your business, taking hold of the reigns at all times, keeping it steady, and maintaining full speed.

To help minimize the background noise, we programmed Plondex to only alert you if a compliance issue arise—recommending a proper action to resolve the situation before receiving a notification from the state or the federal government.

We understand that a bustling business can create a lot of background noise. But with the reliability of Plondex as your secret workhorse, you won’t even hear our hooves.

Silence is golden.